New Rules United - Updates January 2020


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It's been a very creative and productive period over the last couple of weeks with progress in many areas - way beyond LinkedIn posts, which have been shared. Here is a short summary of latest updates:

#1 - The focus for New Rules United is crystal clear now: Self-Organization AND Organizational Design

Both, self-organization and organizational design, have to work hand in hand. If we want to unleash more potentials in organizations, we need to engage employees and give them power to organize their work effectively. At the same hand side, organizational design needs to enable scaling of self-organization. Classical hierarchies are not the best setup and need to be replaced by more dynamic forms of organizations, which will permit self-organization on more levels of the organization.

New Rules United - Self-Organization meets Organizational Design

#2 - We have extended competences and capacities by bringing another team member onboard

Johann Greska already has been a great companion over the last months. With the right "agile" mindset and tons of experience he joins the New Rules United community now.

Johann Greska joins New Rules United Team

#3 - We have developed a first prototype for a new Self-Organization Tool: League of Teams

There is a difference between talking about something in theory or turning it into some practical applications. With League of Teams we have turned the ideas of self-organization and organizational design into one complementary and consistent tool.

League of Teams - Your Tool for Better Employee Experience and Organizational Design

#4 - We have updated our homepage - and it is available in English now!

Is there an English version of your homepage? Yes, now it is. The amount of updates forces us to rework a pretty new homepage again and add information about the focus areas, the tool, our events, and the team. On the way we also did a translation to be able to present the company and the topics to a wider audience.

#5 - Several events are poping up - first New Rules Forum was a huge success

Mid of January we had our first Meetup. The New Rules Forum gathers people, who are looking for new ways to shape modern organizations. Short hand side a second event has been set up for beginning of February. And, we start to invest into our first training class and a New Rules Symposium, where we will bring experiences and inspirations to a wider group of people.

New Rules Academy - New Rules Forum and other events

New Rules United consists out of three pilars now, which are complementary and create a compelling offer to companies:

League of Teams - a self-administration tool for employees and teams, which helps to foster self-organization

New Rules Companions - consulting, coaching and realization services targeting self-organization and organizational design

New Rules Academy - trainings and events for people interested in innovations and practices for the future of work