It is about time,
to create something new!

"authentic, pragmatic, together"

We are creating together to become successful together.

The name New Rules United has its origins in the analogy of a dynamic, value-oriented organization with the principles of team sports.

Since its inception in autumn 2019, New Rules United has been targeting the concepts of digital transformation, agile working environments, and new work, as we believe in the ideals of these concepts. At the same time, we have placed abilities over the ideals of wanting.

With passion and practical experience – at all levels of leadership and structuring of an organization – as well as balanced, respectful personalities, we are the right "player" for your challenges.

Our Vision

Wir schaffen neue Orientierung für Organisationen im Wandel,
in denen sich Mitarbeiter wieder wohlfühlen können.

Wer steckt dahinter...

Harald Dietrich - Portrait
Harald Dietrich


Organisationsmodelle und Vorgehen für die erfolgreiche Selbstorganisation

20+ Jahre Softwareentwicklung und
Agile Arbeitsweisen

Johann Greska Portrait
Johann Greska


Aufbau und Entwicklung von Teams und Organisationen

30+ Jahre Automotive Engineering und Business Development

Our Mission

Together with our customers, we effectively set up organizations and teams and turn success into a team sport where everyone is motivated and engaged.

Our Values

Here & Now

we always want to orientate ourselves on the current status and the given possibilities (feasibility) in order to be able to produce an immediate effect (drive)


we not only want to sell successes well, but also to make them visible and thus comprehensible (transparency)

Candor & Courage

we respect and appreciate different perspectives and the resulting diversity (respect) and courageously defend our own positions and address problems directly (opinion)

Creating Together

we believe in the strength of joint work and seek cooperation and common sense at various levels in order to achieve goals better and faster (cohesion)