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Employees and Teams
in the Center of the Organization

We help employees and leaders making better use of existing potential in the company:

Happy Employees

... are 12-20% more productive [*]

Orientation for Leaders

63% of all leaders wish
a better clarification of their role [*]

Agile Organizational Development

only 38% of all companies established continuous improvement process in the whole organization [*]

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A Better Form of Employee Engagement

Creating Active and Happier Employees!

"What are the (company) goals?" "Where can I support in the best way?" "Where can I get advice?" "What possibilities do I have in the company?"

League of Teams relies on real employee and team participation. Common goals, mutual support, the disclosure of needs and open feedback promotes exchange and communication in the company and creates common sense.

Facilitating Successful Leadership in the Company!

"What is my role?" "What are capabilities of my employees?" "Where can I promote and where should I push?" "What does my leadership do?" "What are appropriate measures?"

With League of Teams, leaders get meaningful guidance on where to work, choose appropriate measures and follow them transparently and continuously with their employees and teams. The individual choice of approaches creates sustainable improvements in the working situation and performance in the company.

Developing the Organization along your Potential!

"How (well) does our organization work?" "What are suitable structures?" "How is leadership organized?" "Where do we want to go?" "What skills/capacities are available?"

League of Teams provides meaningful insights and lets the whole organization participate in the implementation of appropriate measures and structures so that existing potentials have an optimal impact. By taking into account many aspects, real improvements in organizations can be achieved quickly.

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Top Features at a Glance

Needs-Based Self-Administration
Employees and Teams in the Center
Dynamic Organizational and Leadership Models
Health Monitoring
Internal Job Market
Powerful Search and Reporting Features
Open Integration and Configuration
Presentation Mode

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